Good portraits are captured images

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Portraits can be captured anywhere a person is what a person is.
Portraits are more than a visual record of a person. Portraits reflect the spirit, soul, and heart of a person.


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Children make wonderful portraits when they are not forced to look at the camera and smile. Left to their own devices, children will smile with their faces and with their eyes.


The camera serves both young and old. Relaxation while being photographed is a must.

When glamour and personal warmth combine.

The mother is known as a bead diva who makes fine jewelry. She has a real jewel now.


The novelist posed for a portrait on the dust jacket of his latest work.
Is a photographer showing his lovely daughter’s portrait on his website simply showing off?
Yes he is.
This is one occasion when a person rivals the natural beauty of a waterfall.

Capturing who a person really is.



Sometimes what a person is … is a person who travels to the tune of a different piano.

Where a man is and what the man is doing can be the real portrait of the man.

Bringing honor to the simple life.


People are often known for what they do.

Reflecting a man’s passion.

A lasting image of the greater part of his physical existence.

A portrait of children should not be made in a studio, for children are not at home in a studio.

Traditionalists might call this a snapshot. The famed photo journalist Henri Cartier-Bresson would call this image a “captured” family portrait.